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Surfing in the Maldives

Surfing came to the Maldives in the late 70s. In 1973 Tony Hinde an Australian surfer took a break from surfing in Sri Lanka and together with a friend set sail for the Africa. He was never to reach his destination. His ship seriously off course was shipwrecked on the shore breaks of Male'. Tony discovered the thrill of surfing on the Maldivian reefs. He changed his name to Tony Hussein Hinde, married a local lady, opened his own surf agency and decided to stay for good.

Cruise operators offer surfing cruises, giving the opportunity to test some of the less recognized surfs in the atolls further away from Male’ atoll. The recognized surf season in the Maldives is the Southwest Monsoon, from May to October.

The Maldives in recent years has attracted professional surfers. Maldives has hosted international surfing competitions which put her as a world surfing destination.

Maldives host international Surf competitions
Maldives host international Surf competitions

Surfing areas and conditions

Dhonveli Beach and Spa fomerly Thari Village, is reputed to be the best surf stop-over in the Maldives. The resort has access to two of the best surfs in North Male. Surfers are given accommodation at Dhonveli Beach and Spa itself and in the nearby resorts.

If you want to surf outside of North Male' atoll, you will have to book a reservation on a live aboard.

Pasta Point, is a long peeling left with exclusive access to Thari Village. Five miles away you find the Honkys and Sultans. Honkys is a long wrapping left and is reputed to be the best wave in the Maldives. Sultans is a right with barrels.

The average size of reef breakers is 4-5 feet, rising to 8-10 feet during the surf monsoon.

Surf monsoon is from late February to mid November, with the best waves coming in during March to May and then again in Sep till the end of November.

Reef breakers are sometimes quite tricky to surf, the water is quite shallow on the surf and the coral beds sharp and protruding.

Surfers are advised to bring all their equipment with them, as there are very few good surf equipment available.

Following are the some of famous surf points in the Maldives:

Maldives has waves for everyone
Maldives has waves for everyone

Villingilimathi Huraa (Kuda Villingili), Uninhabited island. Eastern reef of North Male’ Atoll.

Thulusdhoo, Atoll Capital. Eastern reef of North Male’ Atoll.

Male’, the capital. Eastern reef of Male’, Southern tip of North Male’ Atoll.

Thamburudhoo (Uninhabited Island), Eastern Reef of North Male’ Atoll.

Boduhuraa, Uninhabited Island near the Palm Tree Island Resort. Eastern Reef of South Male’ Atoll.

Lohifushi Island Resort. Eastern reef of North Male’ Atoll.

Male' Island Point
Full Moon Beach Resort, Furana Fushi Island, Eastern Reef of North Male’ Atoll.

Kandooma Resort, Eastern Reef of North Male’ Atoll.

Piddlies / Ninjas
Kanifinolhu Resort. Eastern Reef of North Male’ Atoll.

Gulhigaathuhuraa, uninhabited island attached to Palm Tree Island Resort.

Guraidhoo, Inhabited Island. Eastern Reef of South Male’ Atoll.

Tari Village Resort (Kanu Huraa) . Eastern reef of North Male’ Atoll.

Tomb Stones
Thamburudhoo (Uninhabited Island), Adjacent to ‘Sultans’. Eastern Reef of North Male’ Atoll.

Twin Peaks
Miyaru Faru near the island of Gulhi, inhabited island, Eastern Reef of South Male’ Atoll.

If you want information on a reputable surf holiday provide please let us know.



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