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The Maldives is not blessed with many natural resources except for her beauty and the riches of the sea. In fact, 99% of its territory consists of water. Hence it is not surprising that tourism and fishing are the major industries of the country.

Two major industries
Maldives economy highly depends on tourism and fishing.

Agriculture is practised only on a limited scale, as the land is not very fertile. The diversity of the flora is limited to a few tropical fruit and vegetables, root crops and others. The essentials and consumer goods are not manufactured because of the lack of resources. Almost everything required for living has to be imported.

Maldives heavily depends on imports
Maldives depends on imports

During seventies and early eighties the Maldivian economy was based on three major industries, fishing, tourism and shipping. Though Maldives has traditionally relied on fishing it also had developed a modest merchant fleet in the region called Maldives Shipping Limited (MSL). However, today shipping is a minor actor in the Maldives where only two industries dominate the economy. Fishing provides most employment to the inhabitants while the tourism controls the major foreign exchange.

Notwithstanding the scarcity of resources in the Maldives, the past two decades have experienced a phenomenal growth of the economy. In fact, Maldives is one of the few countries which enjoys an annual GDP growth rate of 6.0%. The main activities in the modern industrialisation arena includes fish canning, manufacture of garments, bottled of aerated water and fizzy drinks, brick making, refrigeration, transportation, banking, andinsurance. These activities are significant in today's economy.

Other minor industries in the Maldives consist of building and construction, boat-building, rope-making, blacksmith, handicraft, lacquer work and other cottage industries.




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