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Invester Guide to Maldives > Laws and Regulations

Laws and Regulations

This section contains unofficial translations of various Acts of parliament. does not guarantee the accuracy of any translation. These translations shall be treated only as a guide. The original Acts of Parliaments are passed in Maldives language Dhivehi.

Acts of Parliament (Statutes) Maldives

The Civil Aviation Act of Maldives 2001
Maldives Civil Aviation Act came into force in 2001. This Act makes provision in respect of the registration and operation of civil aircraft in the Maldives; construction, registration, operation and use of civil aerodromes; other matters relating to civil aircraft and aerodromes; and safety of civil aviation in the Maldives.

The Companies Act of Maldives 1996
The Companies Act of Maldives provides the basis for formation, registration and running of companies in the Maldives.

The Consumer Protection Act 1996
This Act provides for the establishment and protection of the rights of consumers.

The Contract Act 1991
The Law of Contract 1991 provides definitions of contract and its element such as offer, acceptance and termination of offer etc…

The Fisheries Act 1987
The Fisheries Act is called the “The Fisheries Law of Maldives”. This Act is the basis for formulation of fisheries regulations and fisheries management and development in the Maldives.

The Foreign Investment Act 1979
This is the Act that provides Law on Foreign Investments in the Republic of Maldives. This Law No. 25/79 (Law on Foreign Investment in the Republic of Maldives) was amended by the Citizen’s Majlis 1 February 1989 and came into effect on 9 February 1989.

The Maldives Monetary Authority Act1981
This Act is provides definitions, basis and foundation of monetary regulations in the Maldives.

The Partnership Act 1996
The Partnership Act of Maldives governs the formation, registration and operation of partnerships in the Maldives.

The Sale of Goods Act 1991
This Act defines the terms, rights and definitions of related words. It describes the rules of delivery, fitness for purpose, sale to third party and buyer’s remedy for breach of contract… etc

The Tourism Act 1999
The Maldives Tourism Act provides for the determination of zones and islands for the development of tourism in the Maldives; the leasing of islands for development as tourist resorts, the leasing of land for development as tourist hotels and tourist guesthouses, the leasing of places for development as marinas, the management of all such facilities; and the operation of tourist vessels, diving centres and travel agencies, and the regulation of persons providing such services.


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