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Transport Sector in the Maldives

In Maldives the islands are remotely located from one another. This makes a good transport link vital in between islands. As the sea separates the islands, it is not practical to have land transport systems between islands. There are few islands those are big enough or linked via bridges. For these islands a land transport service may be viable.

There is huge demand for inter atoll transport
There is huge demand for inter atoll transport

Sea transport service is in demand in almost every atoll. At present there are hardly any regular transport links to remote atolls and islands. The existing regular ferry services are provided between Male’ and close by islands. However, the frequency of these services is not very impressive. Frequent ferry services are only provided between airport and capital Male’.

Long distance inter atoll regular transportation is an area where investors can explore the business potential.

More information on regulations and statistics can be obtained from Ministry of Transport and Communication.

Aviation Sector in the Maldives

Aviation industry is relatively a young industry in the Maldives. The largest company which provides national flights is the Maldivian Air Taxi, a foreign investment.

At present about three companies including state owned Island Aviation operate in this sector.

Aviation sector is expanding in Maldives
Aviation sector is expanding in Maldives

Island Aviation mostly provides flights to local people who fly to distant atolls where regional airports are available. The other two companies mainly provide air transportation for tourists from Hulhule’ International Airport to their designated resort. The aircraft used are sea planes as almost all the islands do not have runways.

In early 2000 government has granted licence to construct an airport in Mamigili Ari Atoll. Up until then all the airports are constructed by the state and run and managed by the state.

More information on investments opportunities and procedures can be obtained from Civil Aviation Department of the Maldives.

The Civil Aviation Act of Maldives 2001
Maldives Civil Aviation Act came into force in 2001. This Act makes provision in respect of the registration and operation of civil aircraft in the Maldives; construction, registration, operation and use of civil aerodromes; other matters relating to civil aircraft and aerodromes; and safety of civil aviation in the Maldives.



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